Ung i Kor – summary in English

Ung i Kor is a national, independent and democratic organisation for children’s and youth choirs. Ung i Kor cooperates nationally and internationally with other organisations and institutions.

Ung i Kor works to strengthen the popularity and the quality of singing in youth and children’s choirs by:

– promoting musical development
– providing financial and logistical support to members of the organisation
– educating members in the democratic work process

Ung i Kor has 300 children’s, youth and student choirs as members, with over 10 000 singers in total in the whole of Norway. The organisation has four staff members in the central office and five additional staff members in regional offices. 

Ung i Kor organises courses for singers, conductors and young managers as well as festivals, workshops and summer schools. Additionally, Ung i Kor manages the Norwegian National Youth Choir – the premium choir for talented young singers in Norway. The organisation is also currently running the project “Children sing” with the goal of fighting poverty among children and youths and using singing as a tool for inclusion and integration.

Ung i Kor is a member of the Nordic Association for Children and Youth Choir organisations, Norbusang, and the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat. The organisation is also a member of the Norwegian Music Council and the national organisation for children and youth organisations in Norway: LNU.