Barn Synger – Children sing


In line with Ung i Kor`s vision ”Young voices shall be heard” our aim is that all children in Norway should have access to a choir in their local community.

Ung i Kor`s region in the west of Norway started the project ”Barn Synger” (Children sing) with support from the city of Bergen to establish choirs in areas if the city which is lacking activity.

In the fall of 2015, the project was expanded to a national initiative with funding from the department of culture. Ung i Kor has a established new choirs through pilot projects in Oslo and Bergen. The focus in these projects is in inclusion of all children regardless of social, cultural and financial background.

Through the year of 2016, Ung i Kor has also initiated choir activity at reception centres in near Oslo and Bergen, and in Alta, and also collaborates with different partners to strengthen choral singing for all children and youth in Norway.